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Create a GitHub Issue


The Islandora community uses GitHub issues to track bug reports, requests for improvements, requests for new features, and use cases. Issues are welcome from anyone who works with Islandora.

The Islandora issue queue is maintained in the Islandora Documentation repository on GitHub. Issues posted to the queue are reviewed weekly on the Islandora Tech Call. Members of the Islandora community can respond to posted issues by replying with comments, taking on the assignment to do the work described in the issue, or making a "pull request" relating to the issue.

Video version available

The material in this tutorial is presented in our video, Create a GitHub Issue.

Before you start

  • You will need to have an account on GitHub. These are free to register and require only a name and email address.

How to create an issue in the Islandora issue queue

  1. Go to
  2. Click on New issue: New Issue button
  3. Fill in the information for your issue:
    1. Fill in a descriptive title. If you are posting a use case, you can start with "Use Case:"
    2. Fill in the body of your issue. Describe a bug you are seeing and how to reproduce it; describe how an existing feature could be improved; describe a new feature and how it should work; describe documentation that needs to be written or expanded.
    3. Use the built-in text editor to help format your issue in Markdown.
    4. Preview your issue to make sure the formatting looks the way you want.
    5. Click Submit new issue to add your issue to the queue. Create Issue window
  4. (Optional) Add labels to your issue to assign it to available categories, such as "documentation" or "question." Click on as may labels as you like. When you click outside of the drop-down list, the selected labels will be applied to your issue. Assign labels

Last update: April 13, 2022