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Documentation Style Guide


  • Submit documentation formatted in Markdown format. -- Please add Markdown headings to the content sections.
  • Use a GitHub Pull Request to submit documentation.
  • Use the "bold/emphasis" style in Markdown for UI elements that users will interact with. For example, a button label for a button that must be pressed should be made bold in Markdown.
  • Use the "italics" style in Markdown for UI elements that have a label or title if you need to reference them in the documentation. For example, a title of a screen or page that will visit should be made italic in Markdown.
  • Use - instead of * for bulleted lists.
  • Upload images to the 'assets' folder and reference them from there. -- For file name, use underscores between words and prefix all file names with the page name, e.g. context_display_hints.jpg for the image showing how to set display hints in the context menu.
  • Use !!! note "Note title" at the start of a paragraph to have it rendered as a note like this:

!!! note "Helpful Tip" I am a helpful tip!


  • Do not leave any "trailing spaces" at the end of lines of content.
  • Do not use "curly" quotes and apostrophes, use only "straight" quotes and apostrophes.
  • Do not upload images that are excessively large in file size (remember, these docs are part of the software!)