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Installing a Demo Server

Using ISLE, you can spin up a repository that is exactly like, including the sample content. If you want to kick the tires and see what Islandora can do with the minimal amount of setup, this is for you.

Demonstration Purposes Only!

Please be advised, the environment you are about to create is meant to be temporary. The drupal codebase is baked into a container and is ephemeral. If you install new modules, they will be gone if your drupal container goes down for any reason.

Getting Started

To get started with a demo environment using the demo install profile, run the following command from your isle-dc directory:

make demo

Kicking the Tires

Your new Islandora instance will be available at Don't let the funny URL fool you, it's a dummy domain that resolves to

You can log into Drupal as admin using the default password, password.

Enjoy your Islandora instance! Check out the basic usage documentation to see all the endpoints that are available and how to do things like start and stop Islandora.

Last update: September 13, 2023