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Maintaining Your ISLE Infrastructure

You will regularly be updating your Drupal site as security patches and module updates are released. Less often, you will also need to update the rest of your Islandora installation. ISLE makes this easy. In fact, it was specifically designed to streamline this process.

Since Islandora is not a single piece of software, but instead many pieces of software working together in concert, maintaining all of it is a daunting task. There's nginx, tomcat, karaf, etc... Then there's everything needed for the authentication layer and JWT keys. Plus there's all the microservices. You can see that all this adds up to a significant maintenance burden.

Now imagine if all that time and effort spent on security updates and getting the newest versions could be boiled down to a handful of simple commands. That's exactly what ISLE does!

Updating ISLE

Updating ISLE is easy. When a new release is made available, you update the TAG variable in your .env file to the latest version. Suppose you are on ISLE 1.0.0, and ISLE 1.1.0 has been released. Then we would set


We'll then generate a new docker-compose.yml file that includes the new tag with

make -B docker-compose.yml

After that, we pull the new containers with

make pull

And finally we deploy the updated containers by running

docker-compose up -d

You can check that everything is running at the version you've specified with

docker ps -a

The version that's running can be confirmed by looking at the IMAGE column in the output.

Last update: June 7, 2023