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Islandora 8 makes use of drupal-project, a composer template for Drupal projects. We augment it with Islandora specific changes, and need to occasionally pull in upstream changes. The process below outlines how we will do it in a consistent manner.

Pull in upstream changes

  1. Clone a fork of our fork to your or your institution's GitHub organization:
    git clone fork
  2. Add the drupal-composer repository as a remote:
    git remote add upstream
  3. Fetch everything:
    git fetch --all
  4. Create a branch to pull in changes that is based off the Islandora 8.x-1.x branch:
    git checkout -b sync-upstream
  5. Rebase upstream changes:
    git rebase upstream/8.x (fix any merge conflicts, and then git rebase --continue)
  6. Push to your fork:
    git push origin sync-upstream
  7. Create pull request

Last update: April 1, 2021