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Create a Resource Node

To create a new item in your Islandora 8 digital repository, we start by creating a resource node. A resource node holds the descriptive metadata for content, as well as grouping together an original file and all of the derivatives files generated from it. To create a new resource node, go to Content >> Add content or click on Add content under Tools.

Click on add content

Then click on Repository Item. This will assign the default metadata profile to your item.

Click on repository item

Fill out the form. We're going to create an image, so under System, select Image from the Model" drop down box. Selecting different models will impact how Islandora handles content, dictating important behaviours such as display and derivative generation.

Under system select appropriate model, or format

When done, click Save.

Upload an Original File

Congratulations, you have created a resource node! But alas, it has no files. To upload a file, click on the node's Media tab.

When done, click on Media

Then click on Add Media.

Click on Add Media

We want to add an image, so clicking on Image is appropriate in most circumstances. Drupal considers any type of image that can be viewed natively in the browser as an Image. For other image types that require special viewers, such as Tiffs, you have to choose File

Click on image option

You are now presented with the form for the technical metadata of the file. There are three required parts of the form:

  1. The media's name.
  2. The file to upload.
  3. The usage of the file, which dictates how Islandora interprets the file. To trigger derivative generation, select Original File from the drop down box.

You are now presented with the form for the technical metadata of the file.

Click Save when done, and the file will be uploaded (to Fedora by default). Now return to the node you created and you should see the image along with its descriptive metadata.

The file is now loaded, return to the main site to view

Islandora Quick Lessons

Learn more with this video on Adding Content.