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Collections are groups of related content that can be viewed or managed as a unit. Islandora-specific use cases include:

  • an archival fonds that needs to be grouped together, with internal hierarchy
  • various collections of artifacts, grouped for display
  • theses and dissertations, which are organized and managed separately from other objects.

Islandora provides:

  • a generic "member of" relationship field (field_member_of) to group objects under a "parent" object. This mechanism is shared by Collections with similar use cases: Paged Content and Compound Objects. Islandora on its own does not prescribe any particular Content Type, so this field can be configured for any node bundle intended to represent Islandora resources.
  • a "Children" tab on resources, which provides a management interface to access, re-order, add, or delete the members of a resource.

Collection configuration provided by Islandora Defaults

Islandora Defaults is an optional collection of presets for Islandora, intended to provide a more user-friendly out-of-the-box experience and starting point for more specific customization. Islandora Defaults provides:

  • a Content Types "Repository Item" that uses the "member_of" field, so that users may add nodes of this type to a collection (or paged content, or compound resource),
  • logic (a Context) such that if a resource is tagged as a "collection", a view of its members will show on the collection's page.

For more details, see the tutorial on How to create and add to a collection

Bulk management of members of a collection

Bulk management of items can be done using the Drupal contrib module Views Bulk Edit. In short, build a view using this module, and you will be able to perform Drupal Actions on sets of objects. Neither Islandora nor Islandora Defaults provide out-of-the-box management tools, but the sandbox provides some sample content and views that use Views Bulk Edit.

For more information see the video tutorial on Batch Editing.

Last update: April 13, 2022