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ISLE Site Template

What is the ISLE Site Template?

The ISLE Site Template is a system for installing Islandora on Docker. As with ISLE-DC, it uses Docker Compose to orchestrate the installation of all the different services (Docker containers) that make up Islandora. Unlike ISLE-DC, in ISLE Site Template you use Docker Compose commands directly, helping you to get familiar with the kinds of commands that will be a key part of running and maintaining Islandora.


  1. Do not clone the Isle Site Template!

    • Unlike most other repositories we provide, the Isle Site Template is not meant to be cloned or forked. Rather, it can be downloaded using curl and installed either manually or automatically.
  2. Instead, follow the instructions in the ISLE Site Template's and files.

    • Instructions are provided both for dev and prod environments, with different services available on each.
  3. During installation, you will install a copy of the Islandora Starter Site.

    • Though, if you select the manual installation option, you can change that out for a different base composer project. This will form the basis of your Drupal site. If you don't have a custom version, we recommend using the Islandora Starter Site (and it's installed automatically during the automatic install).
  4. Customizing your site can be persisted to your own repo.

    • In the process of setting you the ISLE Site Template, you are encouraged to create a custom Git repository for this project. When you do, you can save your changes to several components of your own site, for example the site name in Docker, which services you have running, and all changes made to your entire Drupal site configuration.

Last update: July 11, 2024