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Breadcrumbs are a Drupal concept. They provide a hierarchical path of links to "ancestors" of the current content item.

example of breadcrumbs

Islandora Breadcrumbs

Islandora provides a module, "Islandora Breadcrumbs" (a submodule of the Islandora module) that creates breadcrumbs based on the value of configured reference fields (by default, field_member_of). To use Islandora Breadcrumbs, simply enable the module. Islandora breadcrumbs will apply to nodes that have the configured Entity Reference fields.

There are a few configuration options for this module, accessible at Manage > Configuration > Islandora > Breadcrumbs Settings (/admin/config/islandora/breadcrumbs). These include:

  • Maximum number of ancestor breadcrumbs - an optional feature to stop adding "ancestor" links after a certain number
  • Include the current node in the breadcrumbs?
  • Entity Reference fields to follow - if you're using other fields to refer to parents, you can add them here.

configuration screen

Troubleshooting Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are cached, so if you aren't seeing the results that you expect, try clearing the Drupal cache.

Last update: May 17, 2024