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Updating the Sandbox


This page is about the online sandbox, If you are looking to set up your own site, see the Installation section.

The sandbox at is built, configured, and deployed, by the repository. This build process happens nightly from the Sandbox's latest release.

Maintaining the front-end site

The Sandbox makes use of the following components, which are version-locked in the drupal/Dockerfile file:

  • Islandora Workbench
  • Islandora Demo Objects
  • Islandora Starter Site

In order to update them, you need to update the desired XXX_COMMIT hash; compute and add a sha-256 checksum; and then cut a release of the Sandbox repository. It will be deployed to the production site overnight. See full instructions at the Sandbox README.

Note that some of these components will need to be updated together, for example a new column in the Demo Objects may require a new field in the Starter Site.

Maintaining the back-end containers

The containers used in the Sandbox are specified by the ISLANDORA_TAG value in the .env file.

Last update: June 19, 2024