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Video Documentation

last updated on 26-11-2020

Islandora Quick Lessons are a series of short videos demonstrating how to do common tasks in Islandora 8.

New videos are added to the playlist regularly.

General Information

  • What is Islandora?: A quick overview of what Islandora is and why people use it.
  • Create a GitHub Issue: How to submit an issue to the Islandora issue queue on GitHub, where you can report a bug, share your use case, request an improvement, or request a new feature.

Installation & Virtual Machines

Site Building Basics

Working with Islandora Content

Working with Views

  • Basic Views: How to make a very basic View filtered by a taxonomy term.
  • Advanced Views: How to bring together several settings and tools to make a more advanced image view.
  • Batch Editing: How to use Views Bulk Edit to create a batch editing view for Islandora.
  • Export and Import a View: How to copy a custom View from one Islandora site to another.