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Make command not found

If you get the error bash: make: command not found then you need to install GNU make. Run sudo apt update and sudo apt install make to install.

Docker Versions

If you get an error such as: ERROR: Version in "./docker-compose.activemq.yml" is unsupported., then you need to upgrade Docker. Enter the command make clean before re-attempting to make demo.

Re-attempting make demo

If make fails for any reason, enter make clean before attempting to make again. If not, you may see an error such as: ERROR: Top level object in './docker-compose.yml' needs to be an object not '<class 'NoneType'>'.

Docker containers exit without warning

If you notice some Docker containers drop (exited(0)), and (in Docker Desktop) the isle-dc app icon is yellow instead of green, try increasing the resources allocated to Docker (see note above).

Connection timed out (Mac).

If you are using Docker Desktop for Mac, and get timeout errors when spinning up the containers (during docker-compose up -d or during make local) such as this:

ERROR: for isle-dc_mariadb_1  UnixHTTPConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=None): Read timed out. (read timeout=480)

you can try quitting Docker completely (make sure there is no whale icon in your top toolbar - may need to select "Quit" from the whale icon itself) and then restart Docker.

504 Bad Gateway

If you get a white screen with a 504 Bad Gateway error, this means your containers haven't finished initializing themselves yet. If you've waiting an appropriate amount of time (2-5 minutes), then there is most likely an error in a container's startup script. Use docker ps -a to see which services have Exited status, and then tail their logs with docker-compose logs service_name.

Last update: July 11, 2024