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Islandora Workbench

Islandora Workbench



More tailored for end users with less technical knowledge or limited server access.

  • Uses Islandora’s REST API
  • Runs on your computer
  • “CSVs and a pile of scans”
  • Cross Platform - Python

Islandora Workbench highlights

  • Opinionated
    • MUCH less configuration. Decisions made for you.
  • No Processing
    • CSV has to be in the right format
  • Write Operations
    • Create, Update, and Delete content
  • Bumpers On
    • Configuration and CSV are validated

Islandora Workbench basics

  • Column names are field names
  • If your value contains a comma, wrap it in double quotes
  • Multiple values are pipe delimited
  • Entity references are done via numeric id (nid, mid, tid)

Islandora Workbench - Taxonomy Terms:

  • Can use term id, term name, or both
    • 26
    • Cats
    • 26|Cats
  • If using multiple vocabularies, prefix with vocabulary id:
    • cats:Calico|dogs:Dachshund
  • Terms that don’t exist can be created

Islandora Workbench - More Field Types:

  • Typed Relations - Prefix term ids with namespace:rel:
    • relators:pht:30
    • Relators:pht:30|relators:pub:45
  • Geolocation fields - “Lat,Long”
    • "49.16667,-123.93333"

Paged Content - Two Ways:

  • Metadata on Parent
    • Simple directory structure and filename convention
  • Page Level Metadata
    • Parent and page metadata in same CSV


Summer of Islandora Workbench: Introduction to Islandora Workbench

This video (July 29, 2021) is an introduction of Islandora Workbench.

Summer of Islandora Workbench: Introduction to Islandora Workbench

Islandora Workbench Demo

This video (Dec 17, 2020) is a demo of Islandora Workbench.

Islandora Workbench Demo

Islandora Online: Islandora Migration Tools

This video (Aug 10, 2020) provides an overview of the Islandora Workbench and the two other options available to migrate data into an Islandora installation.

Islandora Online: Islandora Migration Tools

Last update: April 13, 2022