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Installing Modules

Downloading and Enabling Drupal Modules and Themes

Islandora can make use of majority of Drupal modules and themes. Common use cases have been documented in the Islandora Cookbook. There are several ways to download and install Drupal modules. Please refer to this guide on

Composer is the recommended method to install and update drupal modules and themes in Islandora.

$ composer require "<vendor>/<package>:<version>"

# Example
$ composer require "islandora/islandora_defaults:1.0.0"

In the Islandora playbook, you can add a Drupal module's or theme's machine name to the drupal_composer_dependencies variable here. To enable the Drupal module or theme, add the module machine name to the drupal_enable_modules variable as well.

alt text

For modules that require additional steps, additional tasks may need to be added to the Ansible playbook. Re-provisioning your instance via Ansible will install the module.

Last update: April 13, 2022