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Accessibility is the ability of a site to be used fully by all users, including those using screen reader technologies or keyboard navigation.

Drupal documentation

Islandora's accessibility features are currently provided by Drupal and contributed Drupal modules. These pages within the Accessibility section of the Drupal documentation can provide guidance:

Accessible themes

Much of the accessibility of a website is dependent on how specific HTML tags and attributes are used, thus falls largely into the realm of Drupal Themes. The Olivero theme and the Claro admin theme were designed by the Drupal community with accessibility as a guiding principle.

Automatic alt-text

When creating image media, alt-text is a required attribute. An Islandora function currently automatically populates the alt-text, if that media is the "media of" a node, with the respective node's title.

This is not considered good accessibility as the node's title will likely be already on the page, and it doesn't add anything to describing the image itself. Please fill out the alt text with something meaningful when adding image content to Islandora.

Last update: June 19, 2024