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Islandora Committers

Islandora is open source and released under MIT and GPLv2 licenses. The software and associated documentation is developed collectively by a community of contributors and committers. All interested community members are encouraged to contribute to the project. Contributors who demonstrate sustained engagement with the project through quality participation in meetings, mailing lists, documentation and code updates can be nominated by existing committers to also become a committer. It should be emphasized that committers need not be limited to software developers. Community members with skills in documentation and testing, for example, can also be committers. We maintain a separate list of Islandora Legacy Committers.


Committers share the following rights:

  • Write access to the codebase
  • Nomination privileges of new committers
  • Release management privileges
  • Binding votes on procedural, code modification, and release issues
  • Access to the private committers mailing list


Committers share the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor and respond to project mailing lists
  • Attend project and technical meetings
  • Monitor and vet bug-tracker issues
  • Review and commit code contributions
  • Ensure code contributions are properly licensed
  • Guide and mentor new committers


The following is an alphabetized list of the current Islandora committers:

Name Organization Github username
Daniel Aitken discoverygarden qadan
Melissa Anez LYRASIS manez
Bryan Brown Florida State University bryjbrown
Jordan Dukart discoverygarden jordandukart
Debbie Flitner Arizona State University dflitner
Willow Gillingham Born-Digital wgilling
Jonathan Green LYRASIS jonathangreen
Jonathan Hunt Catalyst.Net kayakr
Mark Jordan Simon Fraser University mjordan
Danny Lamb Islandora Foundation dannylamb
Natkeeran Ledchumykanthan University of Toronto Scarborough natkeeran
Rosie Le Faive University of Prince Edward Island rosiel
Gavin Morris Born-Digital g7morris
Alexander O'Neill University of Prince Edward Island alxp
Don Richards Born-Digital DonRichards
Bethany Seeger Johns Hopkins University bseeger
Seth Shaw University of Nevada, Las Vegas seth-shaw-unlv
Alan Stanley Agile Humanities ajstanley
Adam Vessey discoverygarden adam-vessey
Jared Whiklo University of Manitoba whikloj
Eli Zoller Arizona State University elizoller

Emeritus Committers

The following is an alphabetized list of the prior Islandora committers:

Name Organization
Aaron Coburn Amherst College
Diego Pino METRO
Nick Ruest York University

Guidelines for assessing new candidates for committership

When a contributor is nominated to become a committer, the following guidelines should be used by existing committers to evaluate the nominee's suitability.

Ability to work cooperatively with peers

How do we evaluate? By the interactions they have through mail. By how they respond to criticism. By how they participate in decision-making process.

Ability to be a mentor

How do we evaluate? By the interactions they have through mail. By how clear they are and how willing they are to point at appropriate background materials (or even create them).


How do we evaluate? By the interactions they have through mail. Do they help to answer questions raised on the mailing list; do they show a helpful attitude and respect for other's ideas.


How do we evaluate? By time, by sticking through tough issues, by helping on not-so-fun tasks as well.

Personal skill/ability

How do we evaluate? A solid general understanding of the project. Quality of discussion in mail. Patches (where applicable) easy to apply with only a cursory review.

New Committer Process

This section describes the process for handling the voting of a new committer.


  1. Call a vote (templates/committerVote.txt)
  2. Close a vote (templates/closeCommitterVote.txt)
  3. Invite the new committer (templates/committerInvite.txt), if no CLA is on file (templates/committerInviteCLA.txt)

If they accept, then do:

  1. Add to the Islandora Committer team of the Github Islandora organization.
  2. Add to Committer team of GitHub Islandora-Labs organization
  3. Add to islandora-committers google-group
  4. Add to committers wiki page: Islandora Committers (this page)
  5. Announce the new committer (template/committerAnnounce.txt)